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The Yeastar PBX

Yeastar VOIP Gateways
Getting new phones

Without switching providers

The Yeastar PBX is designed to accomodate your existing infrastructure, providing you all of the features of a VOIP system, without relying on your internet connection for reliability and phone quality.

If you are stuck in a contract with your existing carrier, need that T1 for reliability, or if you simply don't want to go through the hassle of switching phone providers, a Yeastar PBX professionally installed by Vocalogic is the answer. Our Hybrid VOIP solution gives you the reliability you need with the scalability that your business demands.

A few of Yeastar's


Professional Auto Attendant
What is an auto attendant anyway?

An Auto Attendant is the feature that allows a pre-recorded message to answer your phones and give your callers the opportunity to select an extention to dial directly, a particular group of people or other features available on your Vocalogic phone system.

Multiple Ring Groups
How do ring groups work?

Ring Groups are extensions set up that ring one or more extensions in a group. These are generally set up for departments or particular service areas in a company. Multiple ring groups can be configured to allow for different phones to ring before an additional group of phones ring in the event no-one is available to answer.

Conference/Meeting Rooms
Host your own Meeting or Conference

The conference room feature of your Vocalogic Hosted Phone System works to create a meeting room whereby users (both internally and externally) can call in and talk to one another.

Conference rooms can be moderated by an admin user, and as well can be password protected to prevent unwanted callers from accessing it.

The conference room can be accessed by users internally by dialling the conference room access number.

The conference room can be accessed by external users by entering a numerical code after dialling a number.

Find Me/Follow Me
Find Me, Follow What?

The FindMe/FollowMe features allows you to remain reachable at multiple locations (either other extensions or an outside number (such as a cellphone)). We can define these rules based on a schedule (so you aren't being reached on your cell in the middle of the night).

The great thing about this feature is you can give your callers the satisfaction of being able to reach you no matter where you are, but retain your sanity by not having to give everyone in the world your personal cell number!

Paging and Intercom
Pickup on Line 1!

An intercom is a great feature to have in an environment where messages need to quickly be relayed to users across distances or offices. Paging/Intercom allows users to contact each other directly and immediately through the speakerphone (intercom and paging are automatically answered).

Intercom allows one user to contact another user (or users in a ring group) instantly. All parties are able to speak and listen to each other.

Paging allows one user to contact a group of users simultaneously. This differs from the intercom feature due to the fact that it is a one-way audio signal, meaning that those being paged cannot speak back to the pager.

Call Monitoring/Barging
Okay, let me handle this.

The Call Monitoring feature enables certain privileged users to listen in on any phone call. This feature does not allow the user using call spy to interact with any member of the call being spied on. This feature also does not alert the party being spied on that someone else is listening.

The Call Barging feature is in essence the same as the Call Monitoring feature, except it allowed the priveledged user to interact with the call.

Call Queues
Your call is very important to us.

A Call Queue is a feature which places callers into a regulated on-hold system of priority such that the caller with the highest priority (usually the caller on hold the longest) is answered before a caller with a lower one. Call Queues are extremely useful when handling a large number of incoming callers at the same time.

Callers can be placed in a queue to be answered by the first available representative (support representative), or placed in a queue which can be answered by a specific agent (sales rep.). While a caller is waiting in a queue, special music on hold and/or messages can be played to them. Users are also able to log in and out of certain queues. This can be useful for users who wish to take lunch and not have their phone ring, or for situations where additional agents can be of use.

Multiple Office Support
One Phone Bill to Rule them All

One of the biggest advantages to a hosted Phone System from Vocalogic is that you are no longer tied to a physical location. This means if you are working from home...take your phone home with you and give it any internet connection and it will work just as if you were sitting at your desk.
The same goes for remote offices or telecommuting employees. No more telling callers to hang-up and call the other office -- just transfer them on the spot. This also eliminates long distance charges associated with calling your other offices. It is a completely internal call and 100% free!

Custom Music on Hold
Comfort your callers before you answer!

Music on hold is a feature which plays music to callers who have been placed on hold or are currently in a call queue. The music can be customized to play music pertaining to the demographic base of the callers, or simply present the callers with a number of custom recorded messages relating to the potential nature of the call.

Call Recording (automatic or on-demand)
What did they say?

Call recording is a useful feature which enables a calling or called party to record a conversation using their phone. Call recording can be set to always record, never record, or record strictly on an on-demand basis.

Call recording can be useful for training and/or quality assurance.

Some jurisdictions/countries do not allow a call to be recorded without prior consent, please check your local laws before recording a phone call.

Advanced Voicemail (with Voicemail-to-Email)
Send them to my voicemail

Voicemail is perhaps one of the most known and used feature of a phone system. Voicemail allows callers to leave a voice message which can be played back at a later date/time. By default, voicemails have two separate conditions/messages which can be played.

1. 'unavailable calls' - when calls are un-answered
2. 'busy calls' - when a user sets their phone to Do Not Disturb or is currently on the phone

Additionally, the Vocalogic Hosted Phone System can save that voicemail message and email it to the user so it can be played directly from a computer or smart-phone without having to be at their desk or calling into the office to check for messages.

Dial by Name Directory
For a company directory, press 1!

This is a feature which can be accessed both externally and internally. When the directory is called, the caller is prompted to enter the first three letters of a user's first or last name. The directory will then search and match the input to the most probable user and play back that user's name for verification.

... plus many more!
What else do I get?

3-Way Calling
Call Transfering
Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb
Call Waiting
Call Parking
Dial-by-Name Directory
Caller ID Loookup

Select from a number of Yealink Phones

Yealink T48G

The SIP-T48G is Yealink’s most recent innovative IP Phone for a fast-changing world.

Yealink T48G

Designed specifically for both local and international use by business, industry and commerce, it incorporates a large touch panel that makes switching between different screens and applications swift, easy and convenient. Yealink’s Optima HD technology very carefully creates the impression that you are sitting virtually face-to-face opposite the person at the other end of the call. The T48G is also built for the Gigabit Ethernet and facilitates very rapid call handling and the application of accessories such as a Bluetooth USB Dongle, plus wired and wireless headsets. The new IP Phone supports impressive productivity-enhancing features too which make it the natural and obvious efficiency tool for today’s busy executives and professionals.

Yealink T46G

The SIP-T46G is Yealink latest revolutionary IP Phone for executive users and busy professionals. New designs appears the commerce, with highresolution TFT color display, delivering a rich visual experience.

Yealink T46G

Yealink Optima HD technology enables rich, clear, life-like voice communications. Supports Gigabit Ethernet, a variety of device connections, including EHS headset and USB. With programmable keys, the IP Phone supports vast productivity-enhancing features.

Yealink T42G

The SIP-T42G is a feature-rich sip phone for business. The 12-Line IP Phone has been designed by pursuing ease of use in even the tiniest details.

Yealink T42P

Delivering a superb sound quality as well as rich visual experience. Supports seamless migration to GigE-based network infrastructure. With programmable Keys, the IP Phone supports vast productivity-enhancing features. Using standard encryption protocols to perform highly secure remote provisioning and software upgrades.

Yealink CP860

The Yealink CP860 IP conference phone is a perfect choice for small and medium-sized conference room and can meet the demands of up to 16 people with optional expansion microphones.

Image Here

The CP860 provides many important audio features including optima HD technology, a build-in 3 microphone array, full-duplex technology and acoustic echo cancelling. This means that all users can enjoy rich, clear and life-like conference calls. The Yealink CP860 also supports call recording, plus linkages to mobile phones or PCs for a more convenient conference call experience.

Getting Started

Yeastar PBX

The first step in getting your new phone system is to determine what model is required for your business. The Yeastar lineup provides connectivity to everything from your Comcast telephone lines to a Windstream T1. If you need help determining which model is right for you give us a call and we'll be happy to assist.

All phones provided by Vocalogic will be able to communicate with any model Yeastar PBX you select.

Yealink Phones

Vocalogic provides a vast array of Yealink phones that suits any business need. We have executive touchscreen, cordless, conference room and even break-room phones that can be mounted on the wall.

All phones are compatible with all Yeastar models.

Network Installation

Get your new phone system professionally installed by a Vocalogic engineer. All phones are connected via an Ethernet cable and provides internet to your computer. No additional telephone wiring is required.

In some cases, upgrading your switches are required to provide faster throughput and power over ethernet, if you do not want to use power supplies.