Increase Sales with Smart Automation

By implementing our smart automation, you can systematize your sales and quoting process, ensuring excellence in your sales practices, improving team coordination, and delivering successful outcomes for your clients.

Ecommerce Checkout

Your Sales Manager's Best Friend

Experience the power of our intelligent platform that seamlessly takes charge of your sales process in real-time. Our advanced technology automatically guides customers toward the products and services that best fit their needs, while allowing your sales team to manage their shopping cart interactively during customer conversations. With Logic, automate and optimize your sales journey, providing a frictionless experience for your customers while boosting your sales efficiency

Quotes and Contracts
Quotes and Contracts

Quickly create quotes, assign contracts and instantly see profit margins based on expenses of your goods and services. Ensure that you are profitable before selling a new deal.

More on Creating Quotes
Customer Orders
Order Fulfillment

Track customer orders, provisioning, and status on hardware shipments, Logic keeps your customers updated automatically within your customer portal.

Learn about Order Fulfillment
Terms of Service
TOS Manager

Build your own Terms of Services that you can assign products and services to. Customers will be required to accept the TOS for each of the different classes of products you are providing when checking out.

Creating Terms of Service
Discovery Templates
Discovery Templates

Build templates to gather information from your customer to help custom tailor a quote to their specific needs. Questions can be answered by both the sales agent and/or the customer from their dashboard.

Create Discovery Templates
Catalog Marketplace
Self-Service Checkout

Provide your customers with a complete self-service experience, finding products and services, adding to their cart, and checking out completely unassisted. Provide quotes with discount pricing in a similar fashion as well.

Ecommerce Overview

Branded Ecommerce Solution

Customers Purchase Directly from Your Site

With your own ecommerce platform, you can give your customers training material, product comparisons, and allow them to order additional services whenever they desire; without leaving your site.

Advertise MSRP, Base, and Special Pricing

Show different pricing for customers based on if they don't have an account, special pricing from a pre-built quote or discount pricing for specific customers. Show the savings based on contract terms and more.

Self-Service or Assisted Ordering

Allow your existing customers to add additional services, create orders and pay invoices with or without your assistance. Logic allows you to service customers in whichever way they prefer.

Logic Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Included Integrations

Check out features included with each of our licenses.

QuickBooks Online

Sync all your quotes and invoices and payments to QuickBooks online and let QuickBooks handle all your accounting; additional accounting integrations coming soon.


Automatically create tickets from orders created, quotes, and more. You can enable/disable ticket support for each email template provided. More support integrations coming soon.


Be notified when a customer updates a credit card, accepts a quote or creates a new order on their account. More chat integrations coming soon.


Easily accept credit cards with our Stripe integration. For assistance with creating an account feel free to contact us. More merchant integrations coming soon.

Google Analytics

Provide your GA-4 tracking key to begin tracking visitor data to your site. See which products and services are the most popular!

Instantly add visitor chat services into your ecommerce shop. Once you have signed up for this free service, simply enter the embed token into Logic Settings and have a fully-featured chat application to communicate about products and services you provide.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we are asked on a regular basis that should help you understand the process and how to get started.

Difference between Community and Enterprise?

Logic Community Edition is free open source software. We are always looking for more developers to help assist in creating features our customers need. We are supported by our enterprise customers through hosting services and support agreements.

Logic Community Edition does not support additional modules, commercial support, or backups.

Can I import my existing customers?

We provide an import feature where you can upload a CSV file (headers provided) and import your customers as quickly as possible. A product and service import is also provided to get your catalog up to date quickly.

How long does it take to get running?

It takes about 90 seconds to import a product or service into your catalog, especially if you have your descriptions defined. If you need help getting your catalog imported we can help. Contact us for more info. It takes about 15 minutes to configure your branding and upload your logo(s) for invoice and quote branding.

Where is Vocalogic located?

We are in Alpharetta, GA, located off GA 400 Exit 12 (McFarland Parkway), just down Bluegrass Valley Parkway. Come by and take a tour of our datacenter and see if we can help you get your business to the next level!

How much content is allowed for my shop?

Product and Service inventory is unlimited. You can provide as much or as little detail when marketing your services in the ecommerce shop. You only pay for your license, which is restricts the number of accounts you can provision. Each license allows for unlimited leads and quotes.

How is pricing advertised in the Ecommerce shop?

There are three ways to advertise pricing. MSRP pricing entered is shown to users browsing your site. Base pricing is configured and shown to active customers; which in many cases is lower than your advertised MSRP. Custom pricing for specific accounts can be set that are shown to that customer when they are logged in.

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