Quote Creation Overview

WATCH: Creating a Quote with Cost/Profit Analysis

  • Watch as we create a quote for a lead, and assign Recurring and One-Time Services.

  • See how the Cost/Profit Analysis is used to determine if this deal is profitable.

  • Discover how to assign a contract-term and how your margins auto-update based on the term length.

Quote Management

Carefully craft your quotes with proper margins

  • As you create your quote, your Cost/Profit Analysis will be updated in realtime, showing you your income and expenses over the term of the contract.

  • Month to month agreements are defined by default with a six-month lifespan. This option is configurable and will generate an analysis on your defined parameters.

  • Set your quotes as Presentable when ready and they will be enabled for sending to the customer and viewable on their dashboard.

Cost Profit Analysis

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