Latest Logic Release

v1.1.3 Nov 29, 2022
  • Bug Fix :: d1c24ace : Added a confirm on clicking outside of modals to prevent from losing saved work

  • Bug Fix :: cd4f7dc1 : Fixed a bug where users were unable to edit addon groups within products/services

  • Enhancement :: fe5e15e0 : Customers can now request cancellation of services and will show contract remaining value upon request

  • Enhancement :: 5e8e9dad : Leads forecasted that have not turned by their date will now be shown as an alert on the dashboard

  • Enhancement :: c413bb77 : Shop Assistant is now live. See more details in the official changelog for operational use cases

  • Enhancement :: e5e8e8ac : Added sorting functionality on quotes. You can now move items up and down where applicable to order your quotes more effectively

  • Enhancement :: 43f74149 : File Categories have been added under settings where you can define the types of files you wish to store for your accounts

  • Enhancement :: df3ae64f : Added account profitability after quote is sold to track remaining revenue and margin

v1.1.2 Nov 01, 2022
  • Enhancement :: 6b6106d0 : Customer Self-Contract available. You can now allow customers to put themselves into a contract with automatic discount pricing set in your product catalog. This options is defaulted to No

  • Enhancement :: ebee41bb : Variations are now available for products and services and will be shown as alternative options in the shop, and selectable in quotes. This feature is in BETA!

  • Enhancement :: d818d25a : Auto-billing capabilities have been added. All accounts are set to disable auto bill by default and must be enabled manaully, a card on file, and payment method set to credit card or ACH (when available)

  • Enhancement :: e69ac128 : Added scheduled suspension and termination notices along with Immediate Suspensions and Termination notices

  • Enhancement :: aec3dfec : When updating an account service or changing the bill date, a new alert will be shown that you can either email the customer and let them know of the change automatically or dismiss the alert until a new change has been made.

  • Enhancement :: 94c34550 : Payment Declined notifications are now active and will be sent once until the card is no longer declined

  • Enhancement :: b282cb9a : MSRP Note added for special pricing, coupon advertising and more.

  • Bug Fix :: b512b1bf : Fixed a scenario where you could remove an item twice from the cart icon and the cart on the side. This condition can no longer happen

v1.1.1 Oct 31, 2022
  • Enhancement :: 60a90284 : New Setting for MSA verbiage. This will allow you to word your contracts for your master services agreement and then append all terms of service that were accepted

  • Enhancement :: ae64272a : Inventory on-hand can now be added and optionally tracked for products. This can help prevent selling items that are out of stock that cannot be backordered

  • Enhancement :: cc5a9051 : Coupons can now be created with limitations and applied during checkout in the shop.

v1.1.0 Oct 25, 2022
  • Enhancement :: 8f1dda5f : Accounts and Quotes created from a guest checkout view are now tracked in historical metrics to show conversion from leads vs conversion from guests

  • Enhancement :: c4085601 : SMS or Email 2FA for Admin controls now defaults to Email and a default re-validation check in 30 days or change of ip.

  • Bug Fix :: 73992e5b : Invoices that sit and drafts and are finally sent will automatically now have their due dates reassigned upon first send.

  • Enhancement :: 9e57baab : Cash Flow will by default now show current year and next year projections

  • Enhancement :: 841898a3 : Financing options are now available in quotes and create temporary services during the checkout process. This feature is still in beta. Please report any issues!

  • Enhancement :: bf8ff84d : Guests that create quotes, and presales can now modify their questionnaire even if initially created by the sales agent

  • Enhancement :: d2eb6b5c : Added Email and SMS Verification to guest quote and order execution steps to help guard against spam

  • Enhancement :: d57a3bb7 : Added color variations for shop in settings; added dark mode beta for customer section and shop

v1.0.9 Oct 19, 2022
  • Bug Fix :: 9dca9246 : Fixed a bug where invalid email template replacements were causing issues with the mailer.

  • Enhancement :: 48e2c28a : Nightly sitemap.xml generation now performed for SEO purposes for the shop. Can be added to Google Analytics as

  • Enhancement :: b786ca5c : Ecommerce Customer View and Shop RC1 (Beta) Available for Testing

  • Enhancement :: 8362597e : New setting for periodic checkin now available. If no contact with a customer is made within a certain amount of time and alert will be shown on the dashboard

  • Enhancement :: 54812f6a : Comments can now be set as private and not shown to the customer. Default is public

  • Bug Fix :: 782b14d5 : You can no longer create a lead with an email that already exists with another account.

v1.0.8 Oct 01, 2022
  • Enhancement :: 53da9548 : Created addons for products and services. You can now add discounted items if bundled with another service/product

  • Enhancement :: e7c1907f : All transaction fees associated to a merchant are now listed in the transactions section for easy reconciliation with finance tools such as Quickbooks.

  • Enhancement :: 9eccef84 : You can now cancel an account with a reason for future reference.

  • Enhancement :: 25650a67 : When adding a website for an account, Logic will attempt to pull an icon associated to that account for visibility.

  • Enhancement :: 72f69998 : Added tags for products and services for upcoming shopping cart for filtering

v1.0.7 Sep 10, 2022
  • Bug Fix :: d1b6ca21 : Fixed outstanding balance of past due invoices on dashboard to reflect only the amount past due and not the total of the invoice(s)

  • Enhancement :: 27dc3d14 : Added account credits. Credits can be creating by creating an invoice and adding a negative number in the amount field. If invoice totals are negative they are turned into credits.

  • Bug Fix :: 49d43fac : Fixed a bug where monthly services were not sent immediately after account creation

  • Bug Fix :: e4382df2 : Fixed a bug that caused a crash if no favicon was uploaded when rendering certain login pages.

  • Enhancement :: fae465eb : New setting for default payment type created and applied on new accounts

  • Enhancement :: 14a7d1f4 : LogicVOIP :: S3 Prefix folder is now available. This will be used to store all recordings. Default is *recordings*

  • Enhancement :: b69682c8 : LogicVOIP :: Amazon S3 Storage is now available for syncing call recordings from your provider to S3 for unlimited storage

  • Enhancement :: 6ac5a52e : Customer-side Account Features implemented. Customers can now update their credit card info, download account statements, and update their business profile

v1.0.6 Jul 28, 2022
  • Enhancement :: 2fdcf3ac : Added quarterly, annual billing per service. Added split payments (i.e. Financing) to products

  • Enhancement :: 02e21ba6 : Added new credit card request template. Accessible through Accounts -> Profile and on the payment method area.

  • Enhancement :: 85b1df70 : Copy quote products and services provided on empty quotes for quickly creating minor changes in options provided to customer

  • Enhancement :: 451cb4dd : When creating a quote, if telephone numbers have been listed to port they will be shown on the quote.

  • Enhancement :: 0ff25938 : Added account summaries to invoices as a cover page

  • Enhancement :: a97eeabb : Added lead origins, and origin detail to leads. This will allow tracking of where leads come from as well as any notes (such as which conference, which ad agency, etc.)

  • Enhancement :: fea8c4d8 : Outstanding account balances are now shown on the account list

  • Bug Fix :: 9d68553f : Quotes that are listed as active on a lead that is inactive will no longer be shown in the main quote list.

  • Bug Fix :: 91711f36 : Fixed a scenario where the NS refresh token expired but lingered in cache. Now expirations will automatically get new tokens without error

v1.0.5 Jul 07, 2022
  • Enhancement :: e9be55f9 : Added the ability to put MAC addresses in the extension list for provisioning for PDF generation and phone allocation

  • Enhancement :: 6f7e2d1c : Added allowances for per minute usage, fax pages, etc along with overage rates to limit services optionally.

  • Enhancement :: f9fe7456 : Updated invoice editor to allow editing of descriptions. Services cannot be altered, but descriptions can be updated.

  • Bug Fix :: 1ec1adf9 : Fixed a bug where deleting invoices did not properly reflect in Quickbooks. Invoice items and invoices themselves now properly sync when items or an entire invoice is removed

  • Enhancement :: 4ec5166c : Account statements can be downloaded from the services section of an account to see what an invoice will look like when it generates

  • Bug Fix :: a30f81f6 : Changed layout for adding notes to a service. No longer shows same line as description but has its own line for legibility.

v1.0.4 Jun 14, 2022
  • Enhancement :: ea25ca92 : Added partner commission graphs that will now track your pending vs total commissions paid out. SPIFF and MRR commission types available for partner payouts.

  • Enhancement :: 63f9b2a0 : Added partner controls to account for setting accounts as partners with their own commission structures

  • Bug Fix :: ae06da3b : Fixed a bug where a Stripe card was reporting invalid responses for different types of failures. Admins and Customers will now see correct messaging when insufficient funds vs invalid card is detected

v1.0.3 Jun 10, 2022
  • Bug Fix :: 13e4ea92 : Fixed a bug where graphs were showing today as a historical option when values are collected in the evening. Offset days by one, to show one extra day.

  • Enhancement :: b2b5604d : Added the ability to track PBX provisioning on new orders. End-users can fill out details like how they want their extensions setup, numbers to be routed, etc.

  • Enhancement :: 0a361d3b : Provisioning orders now have their own activity feed to keep track of just a provisioning order vs. the main order

  • Enhancement :: : Added a color picker under users. You can change a user's color to categorize by color events for the calendar(s).

v1.0.2 Jun 08, 2022
  • Enhancement :: : Added Quickbooks Integration under Accounting.

  • Enhancement :: : Added provider inventory with optional marketing from providers advertising seat cost and min. commits. Providers who decide against advertising costs will be shown as "Undisclosed"

v1.0.1 Jun 01, 2022
  • Enhancement :: : New product import tool - you can now import products to help you get started faster building your product catalog.

v1.0.0 Jun 01, 2020
  • Enhancement :: : Initial Feature Request and Bug Tracking Implemented. MVP Released for Review.